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A pyramid is an old idea.
Shadows are missing. The same with details.
Content ist very short, what about an image enlargements and photos?
09/07/2011 / 16:07
hm, very simple an the shadow is missing.
04/05/2010 / 09:33
Deleted user    
Naja, versteh nicht ganz was das sein soll.
03/14/2008 / 19:13
oyramid... yes
casino,.. no.. i can't notice a casino,.. i'm sorry
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08/31/2007 / 13:05
zu schlicht, sieht mir nach nem räucherkegel aus
03/22/2007 / 15:07
Idea: simple but nice. So little details? No entrance? Drawing: nice color. The right side should be darker because of the shadow. I don't really like the dark outlines. Content: not much, too bad. There could be such an interesting story! And pics. And a making-of - or a larger version in the content. And mentioning of the drawing-programs you used...
06/04/2006 / 22:15