Homeless People are ignored by the society. They don't want to see them. Many people even think, that they are crap. But they are the proof, that not everything is alright in Pixelplaza.
The habitants of Pixelplaza are afraid. They don't want to see the reality.
Homeless people are lost in Pixelplaza. They are alone. They feel like a non-person, excluded from the society.

Why in English ?

In this work, the homeless people stay as symbol for the international people in Pixelplaza. I personally never met one in the chat, but we have to expand Pixelplaza and open it to the world.When everyone create at least one house in English, it could increase the target group of Pixeplaza

My motivation :

We had an discussion one evening with 3TB and other users about the reduction of active members in Pixelplaza and how we could make Pixelplaza more attractive to the world. This is my contribution to it.

Informations :

Pogramm : Photoshop

Bitte nicht schlecht bewerten, nur weil ihr kein Englisch versteht.

Ich erkläre mich gerne bereit zu übersetzen, wenn jemand danach fragt. Oder benutzt einfach den Google Translator