Video & DVD Rental shop is the place where Video tapes and DVDs are rent (not sold). The little cassette on the left is for anybody to know a video & DVD when they see one and not guess what kind of shop it is. The letters on the grass (VIDS) is an abreviature of Videos (at least i heard about it). And that thing on the roof is a "roofwindow" (someone asked me in MSN if it was a pool, so i mention it here for everybody (that can read ) to know).

The creation of the video & DVD rental shop.

Added a shadow to the cassette to make it better.

Added (finally) some details on the roof and changed the cast shadow of the cassette

Changed (correctly) the cast shadow of the little door cabin on the roof. Added a cast shadow of the whole store. Added a better pattern on the grass.

Made with: MS Paint and to transform into a gif file i used Giffy 2.0.