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Isometric Dome link
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gelöschter Benutzergepostet: 16.09.2008 20:02 link

Yea, I, Serpie (Don't ask, just my new nick), has don' a tutorial.. Let's go :

Step 1:
draw an isometric line

Step 2:
Draw a circle between the two pink points

Step 3:
scale the width of the whole circle ! (cyan)
with green (circle).. my values (without zoom) 69 pxl

Step 4:
draw a, i say "even" circle
in my picture 70pxl big, dunno why it is 1pxl more than the circle..
draw the isometric circle (Green) in the middle of the 'even' circle (blue)

Step 5:
delete the lower half of the 'even' circle (blue), and when you want remove the back lines of the green circle, but i think, its better with them, when u want to do some stuff with transparency glass .

a little info :
I did this tutorial in german in 10 minutes, it's also easy to draw it

When questions left, just ask me, just send me a private message


PS.: Shading is at the first your problem

BillRudegepostet: 09.03.2009 18:49 link

Yeah sorry 3TB. I think it was a stupid idea. AtOs nick is funnily.

3TageBartgepostet: 10.03.2009 00:28 link

Maybe you could write in english too? Would be nice...

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