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The following rules and guide lines should apply to your ratings and comments to other users art work. They are intended at making ratings more fair and productive. If you have any questions about this feel free to contact me via PM and ask about it.

I. General rules

1. Fair rating: Never favour a certain user's works over others or discriminate against someone.

2. If you subtract pixel points from a perfect rating, you have to explain your reasons concretely and in detail. A house should get three times six pixels unless you can give reasons why it shouldn't.

3. There is no required length for a comment. Comments ought to be verbalised as clearly as possible.

4. Quality of art work is to be judged at the scale of other Pixel Plaza works, not any pixel art that you encountered elsewhere.

5. Look at each house or pixel work separately. Size and splendour are no quality characteristics of their own.

6. Animation is a plus in Pixelplaza. No house should be credited with less points because it lacks animation from your point of view. Of course animation can influence the overall rating as part of the artistic quality, improve or worsen the general impression.

7. Template images and parts from the Pixelplaza help are there to be used. They do neither count as infringement nor towards the user's artistic performance. That performance should be rated, thus template material should be left out of consideration completely.

8. Ratings and comments must not contain any offensive, sexual, racist or otherwise extrem vocabulary or tenor.

9. Problematic comments should be dealt with via PM, ideally. In serious cases you can also contact a moderator

10. There are exemplary descriptions of the different rating values in the tool tips of the clickable pixel scales. Hover your mouse there to read what each score ought to express.

11. Stolen works or any kind of obviously copied material is not to be rated and a moderator is to be noticed about it.

12. The making-of sections is just a means to illustrate pixel art techniques for other users. A missing making-of image is in no case reason for a deduction. It can on the other side influence a rating positively to compensate for other problems.

13. Never spam-comment. Neither repeat a comment or parts of a comment several times nor link to your own houses when commenting on other users' works, unless there is a concrete and obvious reason for it. No promotional links in comments!!

14. User status is no criterion. Normal users, supreme users, moderators and administrators are to be rated against the same standards.

15. Copying comments from earlier ratings or other users is prohibited. The only exception to that rule being multi-part pixel works: You may copy your own comment to rate works consisting of several lots

16. House extras bought by the owner are not part of the artistic quality of a work and are no criterion for your rating.

17. Advertisment of any kind, be it your own works in PixelPlaza, external web sites or products are forbidden in comments.

18. 3D renderings do not concur with PixelPlaza's objectives. They are not explicitly forbidden if the content mentions that they are not pixel works but strongly discouraged. Any 3D rendering can reach a rating of three times five pixels at most!

19. Important: Six pixels are meant for works of outstanding quality. That implies that there are no flaws in the art work, content is designed well and informatively and style and idea are fine and highly detailed.

II. Rules for PP City and the Fantasy world: 

1. Be considerate when rating young users and newbies.

2. Minor flaws in either art work or content are no reason for deduction. (Sporadic spelling problems or one or two wrongly coloured pixels should be mentioned in the comment but not taken into account when rating.)

3. A concise description of reasons for awarded or subtracted points is sufficient.

III. Rules for the supreme world and supreme users

1. A supreme user is a positive role model

2. Each work in the supreme area is to be graded according to the same somewhat stricter standards.

3. A comment has to be exhaustive.

4. Deductions for flaws in the work have to be clearly documented.

5. Constructive criticism is necessary. If you point a problem out, state how you would like to see it solved.

6. Supreme users should try to model their comments in the PP city and fantasy world accordingly.

IV. Definitions and rating criteria

A. Idea
The idea-section of a rating describes creative qualities and inspiration. Here all the intellectual preparation for the art work should be taken into account, as well as the artistic depth. In sum, the idea rating covers a vast field of preparatory efforts that led to the final pixel work.

The following aspects are part of the idea rating:
- innovation
- inventiveness
- partioning of the parcel
- perspective
- creativity
- diversity
- intention
- complexity
- etc.

B. Art work
In this part of the rating you should consider the quality of artistic techniques, questions of style, precise construction, sense of proportion, choice of colours and so on

The following aspects should clarify what belongs into this category of a rating:

- perspective
- refinement
- richness of detail
- acuracy of shadows and shading
- use of available resources
- partitioning of the parcel
- choice of colour
- scale
- stylistic coherence (comic, realism, ...)
- etc.

C. Content
House content is used to describe the pixel work. Rating it you should consider the effort gone into it. Informativeness, composition and design are positive criteria, while copying without quoting is a reason for heavy deduction. Horizontal scrolling should be avoided. The making-of is not part of the content and should be kept separately in the dedicated section.

A non-exhaustive list of content criteria is:

- historic facts
- the idea behind a pixel work
- used programs and tools
- time needed for the creation
- zoom versions of the work or its details
- general information on the background of a work
- a creative and inventive story behind the work
- sources of used images and text material (either in the content itself or the creation process of the art work)

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