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Pixelplaza is developed and maintained by:
Sebastian Möbius (Bürgermeister)
Michael Graf (pxlMichael)
Jirko Cernik (breeven)

PixelPlaza is a private, non-commercial project and has no financial intent at all. The website www.pixelplaza.de and its platform is and will be provided by us free of charge. Your personal data and artwork will not be handed over to anybody else. However we reserve the right to use city parts and individual artworks for promoting our platform PixelPlaza.

The contents of www.pixelplaza.de is partly created and uploaded by the users of the platform and will be activated automatically after the upload. Therefore we cannot take resposibility for uploaded content and point out that the users are responsible for their own content. We well react as fast as possible on inappropriote content and delete it from our system. If you see any inappropriate Art or Contents please send uns an . Thanks!

Feel free to send us an eMail if you have questions or suggestions on PixelPlaza: info@pixelplaza.de or write us a PixelPlaza private message!

Responsible for contents Verantwortlich für den Inhalt nach § 55 Abs. 2 RStV und $5 TMG::
Michael Graf und Sebastian Möbius

Michael Graf
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