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hehe thats a good idea but very srange build
08/10/2006 / 20:21
Schöne Idee passt auch ganz gut... aber hier wären ein paar Details iwe etwa rutschende Menschen schön auch der Content ist viel zu wenig... wie wäre es mit Preilisten oder einer anderen kleinen Spielerei?
08/03/2006 / 20:45
ist das für umsonst???
06/08/2006 / 19:36
Hehe, that looks great somehow What a large slide as 1 meter is 6 pixels vertical, 4-5 pixels horizontal. But the pic in your content also shows such a big slide Some more stuff on the (gray) ground would be nice. The colors of this slide are wonderful!
Drawing: How about drawing the pole a bit thicker? And cast shadows to the right side on the ground? The ladder must be right at the back of the slide? Would be nice to see a bit of it I'd like to see the right side of it being clearly darker than the small bit of the left one.
Content: thanks for the pic Couldn't you tell a bit of a story about it? Maybe write into the content which drawing-programs you used? A making-of would get you lots of points, but an enlarged version of the drawing would be great too
06/04/2006 / 22:09
(i'll try to comment in english- without having an idea of the correct english words for "schlagschatten" aso.)

the idea is not such a difficult one.
there could be more details. the shadow thrown by the building is missing aso.
to get top-rates you should try something more difficult and take your time to give it much details and perhaps invent something completly new.

content could be longer.

but i think it is a good thing to have english users on Pixelplaza.(I hope it's fun)
05/31/2006 / 16:51
Die Idee ist eigentlich...okay... aba irgendwie sieht das 1. nicht wirklich aus wie ein Rutsche und das Wasser ist viel zu dunkel für mich
05/25/2006 / 19:16

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