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Chiyagepostet: 08.08.2006 15:04 link

How do I buy a terrain? Or: "help, I can't buy a terrain!" (wie kaufe ich ein Grundstück - bzw. ich kann kein Grundstück kaufen)

First of all click (top left) on "To the city" (zur Stadt), then (top middle) on "View neighbourhood" and (top right) on "Buy terrain".

If you see a big yellow star when trying to buy a terrain then this neighbourhoods rating is too high for you. Please use the orange arrows or the "Overview map" to chose another grid without ranking. You can see the required minimum-user-rating (user-ranking, reputation) by placing your cursor on the small neighbourhood/districts on the overview-map!

Now select your desired building place - only the green fields with the price labels on them are buyable! Click on one of those green floor tiles, then draw your mouse and click again after choosing 1-4 tiles. As a beginner, you only can buy terrains up to 2x2 fields.

Please don't try to buy a terrain in "Pixel Plaza Supreme", because you can't build anything there until you have been chosen for "Supreme".

Chiyagepostet: 08.08.2006 15:09 link

Where do I get the floors to draw on from? (woher bekomme ich Bodenplatten zum Draufzeichnen?)

Once you bought a piece of land, click on it. To the right of the picture (in the middle of the house-window) are some orange icons. The brush-icon (second from the bottom up) leads to the picture of the floor plate:

Construction sites will expire after 9 days. So you may want to download a floor-plate with the required size before even buying, so you can take whatever time you need to draw your house on and buy the terrain after you're finished with your drawing. You can download any size of terrain here: Forum-Post:1988
(the second bunch is 24-bit-BMP)

Don't forget that you can't buy larger terrains than 2x2 for a startup!

But the maximum goes up to 6x6 in the end if you get to be an experienced user

Chiyagepostet: 09.08.2006 19:38 link

How can I upload a house? (wie lade ich ein Haus hoch)

After clicking on your house to open up the window, please click on the second orange icon from the bottom up (with the brush again: ); where you also could download the floor-plate to draw on.

Please keep in mind
* that your picture must be a gif-file for uploading to a neighbourhood
* the file can only have max. 10- 50 kB in size
* the picture must not be larger in height and width than the floor plate plus the according background that comes with the floor-plate! (2x2 = 96x86 pixels large)
* your artwork has to have at least 30% transparent background

With IrfanView (free for download : you can convert another file format (24-bit-BMP after using MS Paint) into a gif-file and you can also make the background transparent at the same time.

Chiyagepostet: 10.08.2006 01:55 link

What to do when getting this error:
Error: background of the picture is not transparent (enough) (Fehlermeldung: der Hintergrund des Bildes ist nicht transparent genug)

This means that you might have forgotten to make the background of your picture (house) transparent (see-through).

For this you could use IrfanView or Pixel Studio

You'll need to leave at about 30% "background" in one and the same color (!) to make the whole background transparent, otherwise Pixel Plaza will not allow you to upload your house/artwork so it won't cover houses of other players.

Please don't draw too many things below the floor-plate to the left and right (corners) and never draw a "sky" with clouds or such.

You can find information about how much transparent background your artwork has to have exactly right next to the downloadable floor-plate (second orange icon from the bottom with the brush in the house-window ). It's a bit different for each floorplate-size.

Chiyagepostet: 13.08.2006 12:59 link

Error: the picture is too large to upload (Fehlermeldung: das Bild ist zu groß zum Hochladen)

* could your picture-file be larger than the maximum-kB allowed or is your picture too big in height and/or width for your chosen terrain?

Please take a look at the window where you tried to upload. Right above the grey floor-plate in the blue title-line you can read how much kB your pic is allowed to have for upload, and directly below there is a ..x.. pxl - specification about the height and width.

* if you have enlarged your whole pic somehow, you will have to cut it or shrink it to the right size, otherwise the upload is not permitted.

You may have enlarged the picture by "importing" or "pasting" the floor-plate instead of opening the file of the floor-plate to draw on it directly? Or maybe you've been using stretch/pull with the whole picture instead of just a part inadvertently?

Please notice that the background will also count for the whole height/width even if it is transparent!

MS PhotoEditor or ACDSee-Editor can cut or shrink pictures quite easily but every drawing-program should be able to too. Even if it may a bit complicated or will even make the pic lose quality...

* did you make animations that made your pic (house) too large in kBs?

If this is the case, please take out some frames to reduce the size of your pic. And please don't forget that each frame for your animation will have to have transparent background (more than 30%) too!

* is your picture a GIF-file?

If it's not, please use IrfanView or Pixel Studio to convert to gif and to mark the background-color as transparent.

Chiyagepostet: 13.08.2006 13:16 link

How do I change the title / name of my house? (wie ändere ich den Namen meines Hauses)

Open the house-window, then click on the third orange icon from the bottom up (with the shovel ) - the topmost option there is to rename your house

Chiyagepostet: 13.08.2006 13:18 link

What should I write into the "content"? (was soll ich in den Content schreiben)

Click on the topmost orange icon in your house-window to change/write a content to your house.

* Best of all will be a -short- description of the picture and its details.

* Please also mention which programs you used to draw, maybe even add how long the drawing-process took and what you have been changing in the meanwhile

* Where did you get the idea from and what does appeal to you the most?

* A small story may be appreciated; just be creative

* Where does the architecture-style come from or what can you tell about the real building/work that has been your inspiration (google)?

* You may want to link one or two pictures/photos from the internet into the content (this is allowed, even a bit of advertisment is permitted in your content). But don't forget that links might expire sometimes in the future...

* You can also use links in your content to an enlarged version of your drawing (don't use the zoom but stretch/pull to 400% or so) uploaded at or This may be the best if you don't have any different save-files of your drawing-process.

* A making-of is very popular, made out of saved older steps of your drawing, even better if you'll write a bit of description onto this making-of too ^_^

You can upload the making-of directly (max. 100 kB ) by using the second orange icon from the top in your house-window (has an arrow on it ).

Chiyagepostet: 13.08.2006 14:45 link

How can I look at a specific house? (wie kann ich ein Haus ansehen)

1. click on the name of a user (or yourself) - at the online-list or in the shoutbox or in the stats or in comments/ratings to a house, then one of his/her houses will show up in a house-window. Use the red arrows right above the house-picture to turn to the first , previous, next or last house of this user. This is most useful for re-rating users that have rated your house, because you can just click on their user-name in the comments to your own house

2. click on a district and on any house shown there to open it's house-window with every important information about it and its owner/artist. The topmost orange icon will show the content to the house, the fourth icon from the top with the "i" will show the users profile and enable you to send him/her a message directly too

3. click on a houselink posted by users in the shoutbox or in the forum or in a message or in the "stats" or find the link to new houses / pixel arts on Pixel Plaza after clicking on the word "new" right above the shoutbox - clicking on a house-link will open the specific house-window right away

4. in the forum there's a thread called "Werbung, Hauslinks, Spam" meaning "advertisement, house-links, spam" where users can post about their houses and advertise them

Chiyagepostet: 13.08.2006 14:46 link

What does "user-rating" (user-ranking, reputation) mean? (was bedeutet User-Rating, User-Ranking oder Reputation)

Every citizen of Pixel Plaza will get a reputation in this city which is also called user-rating or user-level. You can see my user-rating to the left right below my avatar. Your user-rating can be found in any house-window of your artworks by clicking on the user-information-icon fourth from the top.

Or click on Profile in the top menu and scroll down to "profile and statistics" .

In both cases look for your "reputation" (aka user-rating) on the right side, scrolling down.

The more actively one takes part in the community (most of all by rating artworks of oher users) and the more beautiful houses one builds and improves (so that they are rated highly and visited often), the more his/her user-reputation will rise.

After at least 5 ratings (!) your houses will have influence on your user-rating - the higher the average rating, the better your user-rating will do also.

It's even more effective for your user-rating to rate other users houses, so lots of ratings you give can lift your reputation even over 6 cubes.

Also the extras you buy for your houses will push your user-rating a little.

If you don't log in for quite some time, your reputation will - very slowly - decrease.

The user-rating is important to let you build new houses in special neighbourhoods/districts that have strict themes and shall not be ruined by strange artworks that may not even fit into a city. If you draw nice artwork that happens to fit well into a special theme the city-management will perhaps place it there

In the stats (top middle of the page) you can find all houses of Pixel Plaza sorted by their house-ranking and also all users sorted by ranking.

Will you be able to reach one of the Top 10 ranks of the most successful citizens of Pixel Plaza? Then you have to be quite active and also rate lots of other artworks!

Chiyagepostet: 13.08.2006 15:18 link

I've found a house with illegal content or looks - what should I do? (ich habe ein Gebäude mit illegalem oder seltsamen Content entdeckt - was soll ich tun?)

Houses with illegal motives or contents shall not deface Pixel Plaza or even risk troubles for all of us by breaking the law (copyright, rasism, sexism, illegal pornography, etc.)!

Also the internet-enforcers of protection of the youth don't sleep, so we all must have regard for the feelings of others here. Please dispense with themes about violence, drugs, rightism, rassism, sexism and all that - even if it's just ironically or "just" "funny". Since such themes could even lead to Pixel Plaza's closing, please report houses or contents with such themes to the mods (moderators)!

Also if you find houses you've seen in games, on the net somewhere or as gifarts - stolen/ripped artwork is forbidden unless the user has the permission of the original-artist AND mentions his/her name in the content of the house too!

Just click on the police-call below the picture of the house in the housewindow or write a PM (personal message) The PP-police will take measures against lawbreakers then.

If the original artist visites Pixel Plaza and finds his/her work here there will be trouble, also for the admins. A copyright-suit from a large gaming-company could get nasty.

And it would not be fair to see such houses rise in ranking because unsuspecting citizens may give high ratings for stolen art made by professional artists, even if the thief himself didn't even take more than one minute of his time to rip and to upload it...

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