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Chiyagepostet: 13.08.2006 18:30 link

How can I send a PM (personal message)? (wie verschicke ich eine persönliche Nachricht?)

Of course you can only write a PM (personal message or PN) to registered users of Pixel Plaza.

Just click on the name of the user you want to write to in the online-list, shoutbox, stats or so. One of his houses will open in a window, on the right side you can find the users profile with the option to write a PM on top. In the house-window you can click on the fourth orange icon from the top (with the i) to open the profile and PM-option.

You can also open your message-center by clicking on the link "message center" at the top of the page (in the middle).

There just write the nickname of your receiver after "to:" and write your message in the free space below. Don't forget to click the button at the bottom to send it.

You can also write PMs to more than one user, please use the semicolon ";" between the nicknames to do so.

If you already received a message from someone, just click on the useful button "answer" below the message of this player.

If the receiver is not online you can find his nickname in the stats (top of the page). Click on "Top User", then on "name", after that you can turn the pages alphabetically to find his/her nickname.

You can also find the players nickname next to his houses.

One PM can only have up to 2500 letters (including blanks and such).

It's not in html-form, so if you want to send images/pictures, link to them with the command [ img ] URL [ / img ] or write links to pages using the commands [ URL ] URL [ / URL ]. (Delete the blanks/spaces between the letters to write the command)

You can also send houselinks (click on the chain symbol to the right of the house-pictures in the house-window and copy the link shown at the bottom of the pop-up-window) or send forum-links (click on the word "link" right above every post) in PMs.

It may take a minute or so until the browser of the player will call his/her attention to the received message in the top-menu. So if it's urgent, just put up a small notice in the shoutbox that you've just sent a message, like "xx, you have mail"

Chiyagepostet: 13.08.2006 19:11 link

How to get a houselink to point other players to a specific house (wie mache ich einen Hauslink, um andere auf ein Haus hinzuweisen?)

Click on the house to open the house-viewing-window. Right at the lower right of the house-picture you can see a black chain-symbol with three chain-links right above the police-call. Click on this to make a houselink pop up you can copy and paste into the shoutbox, forum or personal messages.

Using houselinks in HTML-mode in your content: < a href="" > (name of the house) < /a >
(delete the space right before and after < or > )

Chiyagepostet: 13.08.2006 19:14 link

How can I add an URL-Link (to an other website)? (kann ich einen URL-link (zu einer Internet-Adresse) einfügen?)

If you want to add a link in the forum or in comments, use these tags:
[url]complete URL[/url], this will show the URL to click on it.

Or write [url=complete URL]text[/url], this will show a text to click on for following the link.

For example [url] [/url] (without the space before and after the URL though )

Please note that you really have to use the complete URL e.g.:,

For links in your content in HTML-mode please use the HTML-tag
< a href="URL of the link"> description < /a >

and others following the description of "how to use the HTML-mode in my content" in the post right below. (Please delete the space right before and after < or > )

Chiyagepostet: 13.08.2006 19:16 link

How to use HTML-mode in my content (wie benutze ich HTML in meinem Content?)

Pixel Plaza allows you to use the following HTML-Tags:

HTML-Code for links: < a href="URL full adress"> text to describe the link < /a >
HTML-Code for showing pictures: < img src="URL full adress" alt="description of the pic" >
Enter/break: < br >
center your text: < center > text < /center >
Title with larger letters: < h 1> Title text < /h1 > (also works with h2 and h3)
(delete the space right before and after < or > )

Attention: if you just write some normal text and activate "html-mode" (right at the top of the content-window) to put some links into the text, you'll see that all breaks will be gone. So you'll have at least got to use the command < br > one or two times at the end of every line where you want to have a break right after!

Chiyagepostet: 13.08.2006 19:43 link

How to show pictures in the forum or content (wie kann ich ein Bild im Forum oder Content verwenden)

Just use the command [img]full url-adress of the picture[/img] to make the picture show up in the forum.

In the content you will have to use html-tags: < img src="URL full adress of the pic" alt="description" > (delete the space right before and after < or > )
You will have to upload pictures onto another internetsite to link them to the content - like at or which will provide you with the full URL also.

New: you can use the forum-command in your content with text-mode now too

Chiyagepostet: 13.08.2006 20:20 link

What do the cubes, sun or star next to the username mean? (was bedeuten die Würfelfarben und Sterne neben den User-Namen?)

a yellow cube: a citizen of PixelPlaza.
an orange cube: a moderator who has to supervise to preserve peace and observance of the rules. There are different kinds of mobs with different rights and also some developers (but not "admins") which are also just called "mods"
a red cube: an administrator, programmer and inventor of PixelPlaza.
a yellow star to the right of the username: a top-ten-user
a yellow and orange sun to the right: a new member
a "S" in front of the cube: a supreme-member, can build and rate in Pixel Plaza Supreme

Chiyagepostet: 13.08.2006 20:21 link

How to skim through the houses of one member (wie kann ich Häuser eines Spielers durchblättern?)

After clicking on a house you'll see red arrows at the top of the house-picture in the left and/or right corner. or They will allow you to skim through the houses of the member, first, previous, next and last.

Chiyagepostet: 13.08.2006 20:22 link

What does the police-call beneath the house-picture do? (was bedeutet der Polizeinotruf unter dem Haus?)

Please only use the police-call if there is something illegal at the house or content or if it is an uploaded "foreign" work not drawn by the user (taken from the internet most of the times).

Our mods/admins will get a notice about this after the police-call has been used a few times. They will then take a look at this house as soon as they can and possibly exchange it with trashbins to keep the city clean of stolen or illegal stuff.

Chiyagepostet: 13.08.2006 20:23 link

What are the symbols beneath the house for? (was bedeuten die Zeichen unter dem Hausbild im Hausfenster?)

house-rating: the more and higher ratings a house gets by other users the higher it's all-over-rating will rise - shown by small yellow cubes. This house-rating will also decide which rank the house will get compared to all the other houses - look at the "stats" (at the top of this homepage right in the middle) to see the recent house-rankings.

avg. rating: the sum of all ratings given by other players (cubes with comments, 0 doesn't count) divided by the number of given ratings (only the latest one from every player).

number of comments: shows how many comments have been given to this house by other players

click: visits of other players who have clicked on the house to look at it closer

Police-call: notify the moderators about illegal, ripped or offending houses respectively contents

black chain: by clicking this you'll get an houselink for posting

Large rating-cubes (next to idea, artwork, content):
here players (you too) can rate houses

What to rate at "idea" is very individual, but complex architectures and lots of details will generally get higher ratings. Funny stuff or animations won't always get high ratings...

Artwork: 6 cubes should only be given for outstanding houses that are drawn correctly (isometric, right scaling approx. 1 meter = 6 pixels high, 4-5 pixels to the side), with at least some details, textures, correct shadows (on the right side), cast shadows to the right, and were seemingly made with care and love

Contents that have been highly rated include: some longer description/story/info, some pics of your drawing (larger version, details enlarged and/or a making-of in more than one steps), some basic information about your work (programs used for drawing, time invested) and maybe some other graphic materials like photos.

Colourful Icons right below the house: extras bought for this house like floors, businesses and disaster-preventions

Yellow star to the left under the house-picture: add this house to your 10 favorites by clicking this star.

You can take a look at an user's favorites by clicking the figure with the star next to it in the row of orange icons in the house-popup-window

White paper to the right of the house-title: add this house to your personal notebook with a comment to yourself

Chiyagepostet: 13.08.2006 20:25 link

Why can't I comment on an house? (warum kann ich keinen Kommentar zu Häusern abgeben?)

Seems you're not logged in or you haven't built any house yet? You have to be a registered member and active (!) citizen of Pixel Plaza to write comments.

To register please click at the word "register" right below the blue "login!"-Button to the upper right - with an nice nickname, password and an active email-adress of yours.

After clicking the activating-link at the email you'll get as an answer you can log in for the first time and join the community-activities.

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