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Chiyagepostet: 07.08.2009 13:13 link

Overhaul of Pixel Plaza: - Überarbeitung von Pixel Plaza:

Dear pixel-artists!

Maybe you have already noticed that some things have started to move on Pixel Plaza.

1. already done:
* the Supreme-S was deactivated for all users, because the whole supreme-idea is revised right now from head to toe
* new mods (moderators, those with orange pixels) were chosen and are already proving themselves, also new helping developers (but not admins)
* the developers Mr Black and 3TageBart have been engaged in the making of new features like the ratings of ratings and the overview about the income and expenditure of PPCs (bankaccount)

2. standpoint at the moment:
* right now bulldozers are moving all over Pixel Plaza to find rule-breaking works and also those that really don't keep to the most important pixel-guidelines of Pixel Plaza, they will transport some away and delete others made by users inactive for years or with deleted accounts
* Mods are going through ratings and comments to artworks on Pixel Plaza to eliminate irregularities and to rate the ratings
* the very old and outdated tooltips are to be changed

3. future:
* near future: a new contest-modul is in the making - it will be done when it's done
* in consideration: in the near future inactive users that have not build any houses for month or even years might have to be deleted so newcomers will have more room to choose their nicknames
* planned: overview of world shall be overworked and organize Pixel Plaza so it will be easier to understand and to find stuff; afterwards some house-movements will be necessary
* planned: overhaul of PP Supreme to get rid of some disadvantages that have lead to its deactivation and to have more unequivocal criterions for choosing Supreme-players

Chiyagepostet: 07.08.2009 13:14 link

which commands can I use in the chat and shoutbox? - welche Befehle kann ich im Chat / der Shoutbox verwenden?

/me (as /em in every MMORPG-Chat: /em needs a cool drink now)
/clear ...(clearing the shoutbox-window)
/ignore (user) /unignore(user) (makes the chat of a certain user invisible or visible again)
[ beeroclock ] (just try it! )


/wball ... (the Pixel Plaza dictionary)
/wb (user): (wort) ... (adds a word to the Pixel Plaza dictionary)
/me (like /em again)
/(name) (text) ... (whispering a text to "name" that noone else can read)
/clear ...(clears the chat-window)
/where (username) ... (where is this user?)
/ignore (user) /unignore (user) (ignores the chat of a certain user, making it invisible)
/helpbot (user) ... (the helpbot tries to help!)
[ beeroclock ]

Chiyagepostet: 07.08.2009 13:19 link

EDIT: This section is outdated and no longer maintained.

A comprehensive list of all smileys and respective codes is available in Forum-Thread:1834. Hover your mouse pointer over a picture there to read the character sequence that creates it as a tool tip. Each line lists alternative sequences for the same smiley.

Write those smileys just as written below next to their smileys, but without spaces! Or point your mouse-cursor at the smiley-icons to see how they are written.

= : )
= : D or : - D
= : (
= x )
= ; )
= : O
= : p
= : hi :
= : cry :
= : bigeyes :
= : mad :
= : zzz :
= : wtf :
= : music :
= : cold :
= : | or : - |
= : dogeyes :
= : shy :
= : love :
= : kotz :
= : roll :
= ? - )
= 8 )
= : wb :
= : fav :
:[ = : [
= : ]
= : gw :
= x D

Chiyagepostet: 07.08.2009 13:20 link

may I use names of brands in Pixel Plaza? - darf ich Markennamen in Pixel Plaza verwenden?

It's not forbidden to use names of well-known brands in Pixel Plaza in a positive context. It would be more interesting, creative and funnier if you would change those names a bit. Just so that not just 500 boring booths of Mc Donald's will be seen on Pixel Plaza but many different names instead like "Mac Domal", "Mc Dunald", "Mr D Donald" and so on.

Chiyagepostet: 07.08.2009 13:20 link

how can I change my house or rebuild it? - wie kann ich mein Haus ändern bzw. updaten?

This is very easy! Just work over your picture again with your painting-program and afterwards just upload this pic on the same place as your old house - the new picture will overwrite the old one.

Chiyagepostet: 07.08.2009 13:27 link

ratings of ratings - Bewertungen der Bewertungen

You will have noticed the thumbs-up- and thumbs-down-smileys below the rating-comments for sure: .

If you think a comment and rating is helpful, please click on the "thumbs-up". And if you think a comment and rating is thoughtless or not fitting together (only few pixels given but just praises verbally), then rate this rating as a "bad comment" please.

What for: the weight of the good rating is raised by rating them as "good comments", and other features are made possible with this.

Chiyagepostet: 07.08.2009 16:05 link

how can I add houses/pixelart to my (up to 10) favorites? - wie nehme ich Häuser in meine (max. 10!) Favoriten auf?

After you clicked on a house or pixelart on Pixel Plaza you can see this nice star to the left below the picture of the house: . Click on this star if you want to add this house or pixelart to your favorites. You can save up to ten favorites.

Please don't use this to keep houses in memory you don't like very much - you can do this by using the keep-in-mind list : . In this list you can keep many many houses to remember them, not just ten.

In your profile (in the small upper menu-bar) or also in your own house-window you can find the administration menu for your favourite Pixel Plaza pixelart:
Here you can delete old favorites to make room for new ones or click on your favorite houses to watch new upgrades

What is this good for: if one of your houses is added to the favorites-list other users the rating of this house will rise and with it also your user-rating a little bit.

By adding beautiful houses to your favorites you can give them a little push up the "statistics", if you think these houses should be noticed more and should have higher "ranks".

Chiyagepostet: 07.08.2009 16:13 link

keep-in-mind list - what is it and what is it good for? - Merkzettel - wozu und wie?

The keep-in-mind list is a list of houses or pixelart of Pixel Plaza you can put together for yourself. Click on a house or artwork and then click on the piece of paper to the right of the house-name (or title):

After clicking on it window will open where you can describe the reason for the keep-in-mind-adding for yourself. After clicking on "submit" the house will be added to your keep-in-mind-list.

This keep-in-mind list can be managed in your profile (top menu bar: ) and then:

Here you can open the windows of the remembered houses / artworks directly or delete them from your keep-in-mind list after doing what you made you put them on your keep-in-mind list for.

What is it good for: use this list to remember those houses later on to rate them or to watch them change by upgrades, watch how they get rated or if they were identified as stolen artwork…

Chiyagepostet: 07.08.2009 16:27 link

bank statement: your income and expenditures of PPCs - Kontoauszüge: eure Einnahmen und Ausgaben an PPCs

In your profile (top menu: ) you can find the category "bank statement" .

With this listing you can comprehend what added to your state of PPCs: your ratings and comments for the pixelart of others, the treasures you found, winnings in Lotto, ratings your houses / pixel artworks received, earnings from your businesses, or sudden lucky events

Also you can see what you lost PPCs for: terrain you bought, extras for your houses / artwork, fees to end strikes at your businesses after being inactive for a long time, unlucky events, uploaded pictures or advertisement-links for your houses / pixelart in the shoutbox

What is it good for: the bank statement gives you a better overview and you won't have to wonder where all your PPCs might have gone

Chiyagepostet: 07.08.2009 16:49 link

Vacation mode - Urlaubsmodus

In your profile (top menu: ) you can find the category "account settings" . There you can activate a vacation mode (just click into the small bo and deactivate it later on again.

What is it good for: the vacation mode will keep you save of strikes at your businesses for a long time of absence and also maybe some other happenings.

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