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Chiyagepostet: 13.08.2006 20:26 link

What are trashbins for? (was sollen die Mülltonnen?)

Trashbins will be uploaded by moderators or administrators instead of buildings if buildings / uploads have been identified as illegal, not drawn by the members themselves (ripped/stolen) or if they ruin the townscape just too much - for example if there is no transparent background to them.

Chiyagepostet: 13.08.2006 20:28 link

Can I own more than one account or can I share my account with others? (Kann ich mehrere Accounts haben oder meinen Account teilen?)

Please don't. Multiaccounts or account-sharing are both forbidden in Pixel Plaza. There is an holiday-modus if you stay absent for a longer while so you won't need a "sitter" Also other players won't be able to steal anything from your houses while you're gone; only the personell at your businesses (extras) may strike eventually and would have to be re-activated later on by spending some PPCs (look at your PMs).

Multiaccounts and also accountsharing would be unfair compared to the other users who think that they are rating only one player and his/her hard work.

It's of course considered breaking the rules if you use one account to give high ratings to another account of yours. Also it's not fair if two people rate houses of lots of other players using only one account to raise the user-rating more quickly than only one person could.

Accounts that break the rules might be banned for some time or even be deleted by the admins.

Chiyagepostet: 13.08.2006 20:30 link

Can I support Pixel Plaza with my own graphics for the districts/neighbourhoods? (kann ich Pixel-Plaza durch Grafiken für die Stadtteile unterstützen)

Of course

Everyone who wants to help Pixel Plaza become more interesting and fine-looking, is gladly invited to submit graphics through the forums

Pixel Plaza always needs new grids (floors of districts/neighbourhoods), street-sets (with round-abouts but without cars), flying objects, telephone boots, trees and lots of small things that will fit into one or more of the district-themes to liven up the city.

Every submit that is chosen will be rewarded with PPCs! Please post your submits in the forum (topic "submits") to get some reactions from the community, so everyone can decide together how Pixel Plaza shall look in the future.

Chiyagepostet: 13.08.2006 20:36 link

What will I get for a submit for the city? (was bekomme ich für ein Submit für die Stadt)

Also take a look at the forum-topic "contests" - you can earn lots of PPCs there sometimes ^_^
Submits, if accepted by the admins, will be rewarded with:
100 PPCs für small static details like trees, plants and such, used for decorating the floor of districts (fantasy-districts still need very different stuff, take a look at them!)
500 PPCs für dynamic details, that can fly over districts, and can pull banners if possible - plains, balloons and such
500 PPCs for a stock house (model-house): the new ones should be drawn only in grey-tones, since too many newbies just uploaded stock houses without changing them by themselves. Use terrains of 2x2, careful shadows also on windows, cast shadows and the right scaling please
1500 PPCs for a complete street-theme with at least 6 round-abouts (traffic-squares)
7500 PPCs for a whole skin/theme for the userface
1000 PPCs for a grid (floor-plate of a new neighbourhood/district, like whole new theme)
The actual PPC-reward may vary equivalent to the expense. Please post your submits in the forum first to see the reactions and tips of the community, so everyone can be included in the decisions for making Pixel Plaza a more interesting city

Chiyagepostet: 13.08.2006 22:00 link

Can I delete my account or restart it? (kann ich meinen Account löschen oder neu starten?)

Yes, you can delete your account in the administration of your profile (top of the page). If you do so, your houses will keep on being a part of Pixel Plaza. So if your really really want to take them down from the net you will have to delete them first before deleting your account.

But you can also restart easily if you delete all your houses (third orange icon from the bottom in the house-viewing-window) and log in again. Whenever you delete a house (with its terrain) you will be refunded half of its value.

If you have less than 2000 PPCs after deleting your houses you will restart with 2000 PPCs after you log in again.

Chiyagepostet: 13.08.2006 22:01 link

Help, I can't find my house - or: my house has been displaced (Hilfe, ich finde mein Haus nicht - oder: mein Haus wurde versetzt!)

Don't search for your house directly in the neighbourhood! It might have been transported to another neighbourhood by mods because this new neighbourhood seemed to be perfect for the theme of your artwork!

Just click on your own nickname in the list of online-users. Or use your profile-page to skim through your buildings (using the red arrows above the pictures).

The neighbourhood where your house stands right now is shown beneath the picture in blue letters, you can click onto this link and the whole neighbourhood will pop up.

The reason of displacing is always because the house will fit a lot better to the new neighbourhoods theme than the previous one. New grids with new themes are put up on Pixel Plaza time after time, especially if there are already many houses using a special theme to be found all over Pixel Plaza.

Putting themed works together onto new grids will make the artwork more visible to be rated, they will be easier found by other players and the city will look nicer all in all.

Chiyagepostet: 13.08.2006 22:02 link

Will I earn something if I tell others about PixelPlaza? (bekomme ich was, wenn ich Spieler zu Pixel Plaza bringe?)

Yes. In your profile (blue button at the top of the page ) you can see a referer-link right below your balance of PPCs.

By clicking this you'll get an URL-adress-popup to use for advertising in forums or such. If new users register by using this link, if they build a house and stay here for at least one week, you will get 250 PPCs (Pixel Plaza Credits) for this new member. So 10 new users will give 2500 PPCs

Chiyagepostet: 13.08.2006 22:03 link

What does a moderator do? How can I become a moderator? (was macht ein mod = Moderator? Wie kann ich Moderator werden?)

Moderators have to supervise peace and observance of the rules in this city. To do this they have some privileges but have to obey the rules very accuratly themselves and have to be polite to other members.

Pixel Plaza Moderators don't get payed real money, but are sometimes at least a bit more respected by other users. (Which doesn't count much for some troubles they may have with rule-breakers )

If you are a Pixel Plaza citizen for quite some time, know a lot about PixelPlaza, show your presence not only in the shoutbox but also in the forum, notify moderators about offences against the rules and help newbies in the shoutbox with their problems, you will surely be elected to be a chat-moderator, if you want to.

If you do a good job as a moderator, you will get more and more "rights" too. But please don't "apply" to be a moderator in the forums or anywhere. This will not help you at all to be selected for moderating.

Chiyagepostet: 13.08.2006 22:03 link

Why can I register for free? (Warum muß ich für's Registrieren nicht zahlen?)

PixelPlaza should be fun and not costly. But if you want to help us paying the server by PayPal, you're welcome. Please do so by logging out and clicking on the PayPal-link

Chiyagepostet: 13.08.2006 22:04 link

Why are some sentences automatically replaced in the shoutbox? (warum kommen komische Sätze raus, wenn ich in der Brüllkiste schreibe)

URLs are being replaced in the shoutbox because most of them are too long - please use the chat or PMs to give URLs to other players. If you want to direct other players to houses or to forum-threads, please use houselinks or forumlinks. Houselinks: you can find the link-symbol to the right below any housepicture in the house-popup-window. Other sentences like "bewertet mich" ("rate my houses") are automatically exchanged to prevent Spam in the shoutbox.

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