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english FAQs link
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Chiyagepostet: 22.04.2006 22:55 link

Thanks a lot to Tyrael for his great help with the tranlations
Last update: 7.8.2009

Content (please click on the links to get to the descriptions):
* What is Pixel Plaza? (was ist Pixel Plaza) Forum-Post:8298
* How do I start? (Registering, changing your profile) (wie fange ich an) Forum-Post:8299
* STARTING TUTORIAL (start-tutorial) Forum-Post:7772
* What is the aim/object/target of Pixel Plaza? Forum-Post:6362
* What Pixel Plaza is NOT for: Forum-Post:6363
* Why can't I register? (or: I didn't receive any mail) (warum kann ich mich nicht registrieren? Ich bekomme keine Registrierungs-email!) Forum-Post:8300
* What do I need money (PPCs) for? (wozu brauche ich Geld) Forum-Post:8301
* How can I earn more money (PPCs)? (wie bekomme ich mehr Geld) Forum-Post:8302
* What to do with the overview map? (was mache ich mit der Übersichtskarte?) Forum-Post:8303
* What does "view neighbourhood" mean? (was heißt "Stadtteil ansehen"?) Forum-Post:8304
* Why doesn't my house grow by itself? (wieso baut sich mein Haus nicht von selbst?) Forum-Post:8305
* What happens if I upload a house from another webpage or game onto my terrain here? (was passiert, wenn ich ein Haus von einer anderen Internetseite hier hochlade?) Forum-Post:8306
* The rules: (Die Regeln) Forum-Post:8307
* Why can I only draw in grey/black/white? (warum kann ich nur grau malen, wenn ich die Vorlagen/Bodenplatten verwende) Forum-Post:8308
* What are the "extras" I can buy for my houses actually good for? (was bringen die Extras, die es zu kaufen gibt?) Forum-Post:8309
* When do construction-sites decay? And what about placeholders? (wann verfallen unbebaute Baustellen? Und wie ist es mit Platzhaltern?) Forum-Post:8310
* Where do I get my house from? (Woher bekomme ich mein Haus) Forum-Post:8311
* Tutorials in the help-files (only in german yet!): how do I build my house? (wie baue ich mein Haus), how do I pixle correctly? (wie pixle ich richtig), shadows (Schatten), animations (Animationen) Forum-Post:8312
* Model-houses, grids, streets, trees and more (Vorlagen) in the help-files Forum-Post:8313
* How do I buy a terrain? Or: "help, I can't buy a terrain!" (wie kaufe ich ein Grundstück - bzw. ich kann kein Grundstück kaufen) Forum-Post:8314
* Where do I get the floors to draw on from? (woher bekomme ich Bodenplatten zum Draufzeichnen?) Forum-Post:8315
* how can I upload a house? (wie lade ich ein Haus hoch) Forum-Post:8365
* Error: background of the picture is not transparent (enough) (Fehlermeldung: der Hintergrund des Bildes ist nicht transparent genug) Forum-Post:8394
* Error: the picture is too large to upload (Fehlermeldung: das Bild ist zu groß zum Hochladen) Forum-Post:8444
* How do I change the title of my house? (wie ändere ich den Namen meines Hauses) Forum-Post:8445
* What should I write into the "content"? (was soll ich in den Content schreiben) Forum-Post:8446
* How can I look at a specific house? (wie kann ich ein Haus ansehen) Forum-Post:8448
* What does "user-rating" (user-ranking, reputation) mean? (was bedeutet User-Rating, User-Ranking oder Reputation) Forum-Post:8449
* I've found a house with illegal content or looks - what can I do? (ich habe ein Gebäude mit illegalem oder seltsamen Content entdeckt - was soll ich tun?) Forum-Post:8451
* How can I send a PM (personal message)? (wie verschicke ich eine persönliche Nachricht?) Forum-Post:8452
* How to get a houselink to point other players to a specific house (wie mache ich einen Hauslink, um andere auf ein Haus hinzuweisen?) Forum-Post:8453
* How can I add an URL-Link (to an other website)? (kann ich einen URL-link (zu einer Internet-Adresse) einfügen?) Forum-Post:8454
* How to use HTML-mode in my content (wie benutze ich HTML in meinem Content?) Forum-Post:8455
* How to show pictures in the forum or content (wie kann ich ein Bild im Forum oder Content verwenden) Forum-Post:8456
* What do the cubes, sun or star next to the username mean? (was bedeuten die Würfelfarben und Sterne neben den User-Namen?) Forum-Post:8457
* How to skim through the houses of one member (wie kann ich Häuser eines Spielers durchblättern?) Forum-Post:8458
* What does the police-call beneath the house-picture do? (was bedeutet der Polizeinotruf unter dem Haus?) Forum-Post:8459
* What are the symbols beneath the house for? (was bedeuten die Zeichen unter dem Hausbild im Hausfenster?) Forum-Post:8460
* Can I own more than one account or can I share my account with others? (Kann ich mehrere Accounts haben oder meinen Account teilen?) Forum-Post:8463
* Can I support Pixel Plaza with own graphics for the districts? (kann ich Pixel-Plaza durch Grafiken für die Stadtteile unterstützen) [post]871,8464[/post
* What will I get for a submit to the city? (was bekomme ich für ein Submit für die Stadt) Forum-Post:8466
* Why can't I comment on an house? (warum kann ich keinen Kommentar zu Häusern abgeben?) Forum-Post:8461
* What are trashbins for? (was sollen die Mülltonnen?) Forum-Post:8462
* Can I delete my account or restart it? (kann ich meinen Account löschen oder neu starten?) Forum-Post:8478
* Help, I can't find my house - or: my house has been displaced (Hilfe, ich finde mein Haus nicht - oder: mein Haus wurde versetzt!) Forum-Post:8479
* Will I earn something if I tell others about PixelPlaza and get them to play it? (bekomme ich was, wenn ich Spieler zu Pixel Plaza bringe?) Forum-Post:8480
* What does a moderator do? How can I become a moderator? (was macht ein mod = Moderator? Wie kann ich Moderator werden?) Forum-Post:8481
* Why can I register and use this browsergame totally for free? (Warum muß ich für's Registrieren nicht zahlen?) Forum-Post:8482
* Why are some sentences automatically replaced in the shoutbox? (warum kommen komische Sätze raus, wenn ich in der Brüllkiste schreibe) Forum-Post:8483
* Overhaul of Pixel Plaza: - Überarbeitung von Pixel Plaza: Forum-Post:18848
* which commands can I use in the chat and shoutbox? - welche Befehle kann ich im Chat / der Shoutbox verwenden? Forum-Post:18849
* smileys for Pixel Plaza - Smileys für Pixel Plaza: Forum-Post:18850
* may I use names of brands in Pixel Plaza? - darf ich Markennamen in Pixel Plaza verwenden? Forum-Post:18851
* how can I change my house or rebuild it? - wie kann ich mein Haus ändern bzw. updaten? Forum-Post:18852
* ratings of ratings - Bewertungen der Bewertungen Forum-Post:18853
* how can I add houses/pixelart to my (up to 10) favorites? - wie nehme ich Häuser in meine (max. 10!) Favoriten auf? Forum-Post:18854
* keep-in-mind list - what is it and what is it good for? - Merkzettel - wozu und wie? Forum-Post:18855
* bank statement: your income and expenditures of PPCs - Kontoauszüge: eure Einnahmen und Ausgaben an PPCs Forum-Post:18856
* Vacation mode - Urlaubsmodus Forum-Post:18857
* how do I change my password? - wie ändere ich mein Paßwort? Forum-Post:18858
* how can I find out about a theme in the forum? - wie finde ich ein Thema im Forum? Forum-Post:18859
* don't allow ratings / re-activate ratings - Bewertungen erlauben/nicht erlauben? Forum-Post:18860

* Ongoing - I'll try to translate every important part of the FAQs into english here, but there will always be new parts added; also my english has lots of flaws, so please bear with it

Chiyagepostet: 22.04.2006 22:55 link

What is the aim/goal of Pixel Plaza?

* there IS no real goal like to "win" in this free game.

We're building a pixel-city by uploading lots of very individual houses drawn by ourselves using painting programs, we're helping each other to improve our pixel-artworks and try to make the whole town look interesting and attractive together

If you take your time to draw detailled buildings and if you present interesting contents you're going to be a well-known, successful citizen of Pixel Plaza for sure, even more if you're rating other artwork supporting their creators.

* you can aim at personal objectives for yourself if you like it:

- drawing detailled houses or other stuff for our town and being admired for your arts, getting high ratings and praise for it - and also PPCs (game-money) to build more houses that everyone will love

- watching your well-drawn beloved buildings rise up the rankings (stats) and feeling great when they reach the Top100 or are mentioned in the personal favorites of other players. Try to reach the TopTen with your artwork! It's possible, I can assure you that

- realizing your very unique imaginative or even crazy creations (suitable to the town-district of your choice) that will make people laugh or be suprised

- getting used to different drawing programs which will improve your very own abilities in a useful way, different from other games

- making yourself aqcuainted to other citizens, finding friends by chatting with them, making them notice your artwork by commenting their works too.

- rating and commenting lots of houses, which raises your user-ranking in the stats and will allow you to build houses in some more interesting town-districts

- trying to be chosen for the Pixel Plaza Supreme-world with the "superman-S" in your cube Supremes are personally chosen if they follow all the rules, also the most important rules for drawings (isometric, shadows on all right sides, cast shadows to the right, scaling: 15-18 pixels for one floor), and try hard to give really useful comments to others, which is the most important part

- enjoying playing the minigames after 5 to 10 comments - searching for bankautomats or lost money all over Pixel Plaza or trying your luck at the lotteryshack or the slotmachine you can find in certain town-districts - you can use those only a few times per day; so come again tomorrow

- buying a lottery-ticket for each house and feeling lucky when winning PPCs from time to time (the more houses, the more chances to win, so draw at least one more ^_^)

- taking part at contests in the forum and earning quite a sum of PPCs at once for nice pixel-arts

- submitting drawings for the town-districts like trees, telephone-booths, planes, flying objects or whole grids (floors of districts) and seeing them as official parts of Pixel Plaza every day when chosen - also getting a bag full of PPCs for those

- logging in daily to watch over the employees of your businesses/trades if you should have bought some for your houses. Business-add-ons will keep the money rolling in daily. But don't be stressed out - if your computer should go down for a week or so there's only a small fee of PPCs to get your business up again.

- giving tips or starting some discussions on the forum to help making the game even better

- thinking of funny advertisement-slogans for your houses to advertise in the shoutbox from time to time (trimmed by a houselink of course), to have your houses get ratings and comments faster. Only ratings can push your houses up the ranks while you can get more PPCs by rating/commenting others yourself (plus minigames).

- securing your houses as soon as you can and feeling relieved when you lucked out at events of fire, burglary or hail

- writing creative, interesting contents and polishing them up with some nice pictures. While facts about architecture may interest players, funny stories may make them give your houses higher ratings and reccomend them to others. Making-ofs and mentioning the programs you used for drawing/animating will be nice too

Chiyagepostet: 23.04.2006 00:25 link

* what Pixel Plaza is NOT for:

- this town is not a platform for pixel art NOT made by yourself. Un-pimped (not changed by yourself) model/tutorial-houses don't make any sense here and houses from other pixel-artists, games or internet-sites are even strictly forbidden!

Those "works" will be deleted and you'll get into serious troubles when the Pixel Plaza police finds out about it If you can persuade someone to allow you to use his/her house here (and/or change it a little) it's ok, but you have to mention the name of the original artist in the content of the house.

- it's not the highest aim in PP to collect as much PPCs as possible. You can't even see how many PPCs other players have. Money is only a means to an end - building more great houses and buying some extras. Money will come in rather slowly as it's typical for browsergames.

- it's no objective of the game to draw as many houses as fast as you can - this will only result in rather plain or maybe ugly buildings nobody will like Take your time to draw carefully and think of nice details so others will love and admire your artwork - also improve old edifices of yours after a while - others will give you lots of tips for improving your houses ^_^ Corrections will also result in higher ratings - and players will re-rate your buildings when they realize they have changed

- Pixel Plaza is no platform for every kind of drawings or pixel-art! It is a pixel-town, so everything you upload here should fit to the according town-districts. If you want to "show off" your pixel-art-computers, drawings of meals, smileys or people, you can do so on or, both sites are highly recommended

- this game is not a good place for children to be looked after in the chatroom and being praised for their adorable wobbly child-drawings. You should be prepared to get negative criticism by some players if you don't show any efforts Really ugly art or houses drawn from a wrong angle (not isometric), crude scribbly outlines and/or defective transparency may be exchanged with a trashbin and deleted after a week if nothing has been changed. Pixel Plaza is therefore recommended for players over 14 years old.

- this game and our community of players do not exist to please only you Don't take advantage of others too much and abide by the rules please. Don't draw offending things and don't place strange pieces of art on your terrain as placeholders for weeks, keeping other players from using the terrain. There are some nice placeholders (Platzhalter) you can buy which will last 21 days, other pieces of art may be exchanged by the mods if it doesn't fit into the city.

Don't beg for ratings in the shoutbox too often, other players will be annoyed by this Don't think you can get away with everything rude here or with ignoring the rules by drawing violence or mentioning drugs, writing repeated very stupid/mean comments or anything rassistic, sexistic and so on. Illegal houses will be exchanged by trash-bins, even be deleted if it's been going too far - also the account will be banned/deleted if all else fails.

Chiyagepostet: 24.07.2006 14:11 link


We users/players are building a creative growing pixel-town by pixelling (drawing!) houses one by one. Pixel Plaza is a paradise for creative players and also for beginners who would like to learn how to create pixel-art. For instance with the easy to learn "MS-Paint" (comes with Windows) or other painting-programs. For more free drawing / painting programs please click here: Forum-Post:8311

1. register and log in please, also put up your profile if you want to: Forum-Post:8299

Now buy a terrain with your starting-PPCs: to do this click on "Pixel Plaza City" and after that click on a neighbourhood without User-Rating (big yellow star). Click on "buy a terrain" up to the right. Mark 1-4 terrain-squares by clicking and drawing/moving your cursor. Click again and confirm your choice in the pop-up-window. More details about buying a terrain: Forum-Post:8314

2. now please click on the newly bought terrain to open the house-window. There please click on the icon with the brush (in the middle, secondary lowest orange icon). Here you can see the grey floor plate of your terrain (scroll down a bit). Download this floor plate (with a right-click and choosing "save as") onto your computer.

3. open the floor plate with a painting program (like MS Paint as mentioned above). Immediately save the gif-file as a 24-bit-Bitmap-file please. After that please draw a house onto the floorplate. You can learn how to pixel by just putting different colors and details to these model-houses: Forum-Post:8313

Zoom in (8x is recommended), and draw a line-art using the line-tools first (just as you can see in many making-ofs of houses on Pixel Plaza). Something like that for example:

Then fill in closed surfaces like walls, roofs and lawns with color:

After that please draw the shadings (the right side should be darker), textures for walls, floors, roofs and details.
Also please redraw the contours with more fitting colors if you don't crave a comic-style with black outlines:

Add more and more details:

Here's a closeup at the details drawn (zoomed in) without the glass-struts:

Sometimes you might have to do draw details carefully pixel by pixel - that's why it's called "pixel-art" Take your time! You will get the hang of it sooner than you might expect

Pixel art may never be "perfect", so it might still be overworked in the future. Even the "best" artists still work hard to improve their own pixelart they love from time to time.

Here's a small tutorial, sorry it's in german and another tutorial in german; but the drawings are somehow self-explanatory.

Please mind the isometric perspective: looking down on objects from diagonally above, making the top and roof visible, also two sides. Keep the horizontal lines parallel to the slightly slanting lines of the floor plate - two pixels to the side, on pixel up. One floor should be 15-18 pixels in height like a pixel-plaza-truck. A door should be 12-14 pixels in height, 1 meter is about 6 pixels up but only 4-5 to the side.

Color all the right sides (walls, roof, trees, windows etc.) darker to simulate shadows. Also don't forget cast shadows to the right on the floor and objects to the right. Please do not let your painting cross over the lower lines of the floor plate; also don't draw a "sky" please. At least 30% of the background has to be left empty for making it transparent.

Only draw and upload objects onto Pixel Plazas grids that will fit there. You can upload large objects and such on Pixel Plaza Fantasy, but Pixel Plaza City is a city - so please refrain from uploading gigantic faces or figures into a city. Also don't draw (or buy) green lawns and green/blooming plants for upload on snowy grids, ocean floors, black-and-white-grids, deserts and so on.

More about the essential rules of Pixel Plaza: Forum-Post:8307

Here are some english tutorials about how to draw isometric pixel art in general:

in german:

and in french:

Don't forget to write a nice content in addition to your house ( topmost orange icon in the window of your house, looking like an open bo. A making-of would also be appreciated! Here's a collections of tips for your content: Forum-Post:8446

4. Before uploading your artwork on Pixel Plaza, you will have to change the bmp-file back to a gif-file while making the background transparent.

"IrfanView" (a free program) will do so really easily (save as gif; choose "save as interlaced-gif" and "save transparent color" and "choose transparent color during saving"; confirm ant then click on the background to make it transparent).

Download IrfanView here: (to optimize the converting, click on "image", then on "decrease color depth" and de-activate "use Floyd-Steinberg dithering") Or use an easy tool like this:, best conversions can be made with "Paint.NET":

5. to upload your house / pixel art to your terrain click on the brush-icon in your house-window (to go there the fastest just click on your name in the "users online"-listing). If you experience troubles with that, please try these links: general rules for uploading: Forum-Post:8365 Error "background not transparent enough": Forum-Post:8394 Error "picture too large to upload": Forum-Post:8444

To change the title / name of your house / pixel art click on the shovel-icon in your house window: Forum-Post:8445 After making some improvments to your drawing you can just upload this new pixel art and it will replace your older drawing.

6. Extras ( "cart"-icon at the bottom in your house-window) will raise the value of your house so you can get more PPCs when other users will click on your house or rate it. Also some extras will prevent catastrophes that might happen from time to time.
Placeholders will keep your terrain from decaying for 21 days if you need more time than 9 days to draw and upload your pixel-art.
Business add-ons will earn you some PPCs constantly.
Lottery-tickets may bring some PPCs once in a while by chance.
More about the "extras": Forum-Post:8309

7. earn PPCs: to buy new terrains you will need PPCs. You may just wait until other players have clicked on your pixel art or have rated it which will give you PPCs. But to get many PPCs in a short time you will have to rate 7-10 houses / pixel arts of other players and then search for minigames on the neighbourhoods of Pixel Plaza. That may give you 1000-2000 PPCs in just about 1 hour a day. More about earning PPCs: Forum-Post:8302

To rate pixel art correctly, please refrain to the rules for rating: Forum-Post:18282

Chiyagepostet: 08.08.2006 13:25 link

What is Pixel Plaza? (was ist Pixel Plaza)

Pixel Plaza is a city made from houses that players draw / paint by themselves using drawing-programs. The "aim" is only to build a great looking, creative city together

Pixel Plaza is no self-building city, it's no simulation, and it's not a strategy game; no user can attack houses of other players nor rob them. It's all about creativity.

Players support each other with ratings and tips, so they can approve in creating even more impressing pixel-art. Each house can contain a quite large content with information, descriptions, links and pictures, made and/or linked by the owner; it's ideal to share information that is important to you, to inform about your drawings or the models / interesting architecture that made you draw your pixel art.

Extras let PPCs (game-money) roll in to buy more terrain to build on, and some other stuff just brightens up the game like searching minigames, events that make you gain or lose PPCs, drawing-contests, different new themes for neighbourhoods, etc..

Pixel Plaza is a mix of game, fun and information.

Chiyagepostet: 08.08.2006 13:27 link

How do I start? (wie fange ich an)

Remember that "playing" Pixel Plaza means drawing pixel art for this city (most of all houses).

* first of all please register - top right, directly above "Login". Registering and also playing is for free. You will only need a nice nickname, a password (it gets encoded so not even admins will know this), and your email-adress. Confirm the link you will find on the email sent to you after registering, after that you can login and be a citizen of Pixel Plaza.

* change your profile to suit you: just click on your name in the user-online-list. Or click on "profile" in the top menu, scroll down and choose "profile and statistics".

In the profile-window scroll down, click on the blue Button "change my profile" to type in your name, interests and whatever you would like others to know about you.

* to upload your own photo and/or a pic for your avatar you will have to pay some of your starting-PPCs. Mind that the avatar-pic can only be 32x32 pixels in height/width, your photo 100x100 pixel.

* you can also change the password in this profile-changing-window (scroll down).

* to see "alarms" in the shoutbox when receiving a PN you have to go back to the profile-menu . You can also choose to always see help-pop-up-windows that would normally not pop up after the second login.

* to delete your account you will have to scroll down to the bottom of the profile menu (not the window where you can change your profile). Already uploaded pixel art by your account will stay on Pixel Plaza though unless you delete them first before deleting your account.

* after registering and clicking on the link in the registering email, you should login with your nickname and password to be a new citizen of Pixel Plaza.

You can buy your first terrain with the PPCs you already have at start-up in a neighbourhood/district without minimum user-rating. Click on Pixel Plaza City, then click on a neighbourhood with some free green spots, and there click on "buy a terrain" (right over the picture to the far right).

If you can see a yellow star, there's a user-rating on this grid, so the district is not recommended for beginners. Please choose another district. Also don't try to build a house on the world Pixel Plaza Supreme as a beginner.

To buy a terrain mark 1-4 floor plates (with 1-4 green money-symbols). In the beginning the largest possible terrain can only be 2x2 pieces, but the more houses you build, the bigger terrains you can buy, up to 6x6.

The prices will differ according to the neighbourhoods and streets, but you won't have any problems with your 2000 PPCs starting-money Terrains are generally cheaper next to streets an in neighbourhoods with lots of empty space.

Right after buying your terrain you should pixel (draw/paint) your first house on the grey floor plate of the terrain. You can find this floor plate by clicking on the secondary lowest orange icon in your house-window (with the brush ).

Download this grey plate onto your computer using right-click and "save as....".

Open the floor plate with your drawing-program, immediatly save it as a 24-bit-BMP-file and then draw your first house onto it with your painting program.

Use these model-houses as a first referrence and to learn how to create pixel-art fitting to Pixel Plaza: Forum-Post:8313

Here are some english tutorials about how to draw isometric pixel art in general:
in german:
and in french:

Before uploading your artwork, please don't forget to change the bmp-file back to a gif-file while making the background transparent. IrfanView (free program) will do so or an easy tool like this:, best conversions can be made with Paint.NET: or Pixelstudio.

Don't forget to write at least a short content in addition to your house ( topmost orange icon in the house-window). Also a making-of would be very appreciated!

Chiyagepostet: 08.08.2006 13:43 link

Why can't I register? (or: I didn't receive a mail) (ich bekomme keine Registrierungs-email!)

Take a look at the spam-filter or bulk-mail-order of your mail-server. Did you spell your email-address right? Try to register a second time and chose another nickname please.

Chiyagepostet: 08.08.2006 13:43 link

What do I need money (PPCs) for? (wozu brauche ich Geld)

With PPCs you can buy new terrain for more and more houses.

You will also need PPCs to upload your drawings, to upload pics for your profile and most of all for buying interesting extras for each of your houses. This includes lottery tickets, burglary prevention devices, one business of eight possible per house, nice floors and stuff that will raise the value of your house (pushes the ranking a bit) and much more. It will also cost 10 PPCs to put up advertising house-links in the shout-box.

You will start in Pixel Plaza with having 2000 PPCs automatically in the beginning - enough to buy two pieces of land to build (draw) your house/s on After deleting all of your houses and relogging you will also start anew with fresh 2000 PPCs.

Find out about how many PPCs you have by clicking on the user-information-icon in your house-window and scroll down to the bottom (right side).

In your Profile (top menu) you will find an overview of your incomes and spent PPCs:

P.S.: you won't need real money to do anything in Pixel Plaza!
Also not for Supreme (this is not a "premium account"!).
Even if a small contribution per Pay Pal is appreciated a lot (after log-out)

Chiyagepostet: 08.08.2006 13:43 link

How can I earn more money (PPCs)? (wie bekomme ich mehr Geld)

9 methods:
1. draw nice looking pixel art (and improve it later on after getting tips/comments for that), this will make players click on your artwork and rate it, hopefully with high scores; this will earn you PPCs
2. the fastest method for earning lots of PPCs is to rate 7-10 houses / pixel art made by other players and playing the minigames on Pixel Plaza (search for hidden treasures!). Rating pixel art of other players will make them rate your artwork back
3. you can get others to rate your houses by advertising your houses in the forum and sometimes in the shoutbox (use the house-link to the right of your house, looking like a chain)
4. buy a lottery-ticket as an extra to your house, it's cheap and gives you the chance to win up to 500 PPCs daily
5. buy a business as an extra to your house to collect PPCs over some time - a little bit per day
6. buy other extras which will raise the PPCs you can get by ratings and clicks
7. submit pixel art for everyone in the forum
8. join competitions / drawing contests on Pixel Plaza; you can find some in the forum (new downtown, cars), others will be up just for a limited time
9. get new players to play Pixel Plaza with your referrer-link (to be found in your profile)

1. to be able to use all the other methods of earning PPCs you will have to upload at least one pixel art on Pixel Plaza - please draw your own pixel art and never upload stolen artwork from other artists or upload submits / model-houses without changes made by yourself! Those will be deleted and you may even be punished for breaking the rules.

You'll get PPCs when other players visit your house and, of course for valuations/ratings of your house/s too. The more beautiful you house is drawn, the better ratings you will get and therefore will earn more money.

2. rating other players is the most effective action, because you'll get some PPCs for rating and also most users will rate you back because of fairness. Normally you can do that only after building your first house here. After rating 7-10 houses you should try to search for the minigames all over the districts of Pixel Plaza if you want a lot of PPCs fast!

Be careful to think about your comments and ratings before giving them! Don’t just throw around your best ratings of 6 points / cubes / pixels even for pixel art that isn't drawn according to the rules of Pixel Plaza. Also don't just write comments like "cool" or even spam Unreasonable Ratings will be deleted by mods sooner or later! And players that get rated unreasonably might not rate you back.

Also please don't just praise drawings but simultaneous rate with only 1-5 pixels without mentioning why you can't give the best mark - please explain what you don't like about the pixel art and which errors you found! Only by getting careful comments other players will have the opportunity to improve their pixel arts. Just rate pixel art of other players like you want to be your artwork to be rated!

Full rules for ratings: Forum-Post:18282

The minigames:

Only after 7-10 ratings with useful (!) comments you've given to others' houses, you can play these minigames (search for them in Pixel Plaza and click to activate):

Lottery shack (for instance in downtown in PP City or in Chesstown in PP Fantasy) - 10 PPCs per ticket. You could win between 2 PPCs and 10.000 PPCs - but you can only buy a few tickets per day so you won't loose nearly all your money

Slot machine (for instance in Downtown in PP City or in "Hell" in PP Fantasy) - for 10 PPCs you can win extras for your houses quite often and also PPCs, you'll have a few tries a day.

Bankomats, moneycases, moneypiles and goldpiles - you'll have to search for them all over Pixel Plaza City, Fantasy and Supreme. After clicking on them they will give you between 100 and 500 PPCs and then vanish to pop up somewhere else

These small treasures may be really hard to find, they may even lie invisible on the streets behind buildings, so try to position your cursor right above and along the roofs of large houses to see them

Bankomats can only be activated 3 times a day.

Here's a tip for those who despair at searching for small treasures without success: click on "show source text" in your browser ("view") and search for those words: "moneypile", "goldpile" or "moneycase". If you can find one or more, there must be a treasure on the grid/neighbourhood somewhere. The coordinates in the "source text" may help you find the position of the treasures.

3. advertising in the shoutbox with houselinks (find the black chain symbol to the right of the uploaded picture of your pixel art above the police call in your house-window) might be effective, but only in some large intervals (like once to three times a day), whenever new groups of players are online. Spamming, begging and not using links will make you unpoular with citizens and you'll be ignored thou.

4. the lottery-ticket - extra is pretty profitable cause you can win up to 500 PPCs with every ticket (one per house) at the automatic drawings at 4.00 o clock in the night - but luck can be capricious

You may sometimes wait for weeks without a win but suddenly win a bunch for a few days. The more houses you own and the more lottery-tickets for them you have the better your chances are! There are other events that might happen from time to time giving you PPCs; so watch your PMs

5. businesses (extras for each house) are profitable after about a month like it's somehow typical for a browsergame, they'll make money roll in every day.

But you will need to log in at Pixel Plaza regulary, (once a day would be best), otherwise the personell could stop working and you might not get any more money. You'll have to re-activate the business with spending some more PPCs instead. There is a holiday-modus in your profile to prevent strikings even for a long time of absence.

6. the value of your house raises with good ratings and also extras will push the value. The higher the houses' value, the more PPCs you'll get for other players' visits. Feng Shui extras will do the trick but also most other extras too

Also note that there might be unlucky events sometimes like burglary, hail or fire and different extras like the "TestIt" and insurances to prevent those happenings which might cost you PPCs!

7. submits will be rewarded with PPCs by the admins if they like your artwork and add it to Pixel Plaza - submits are graphics you draw yourself and provide to Pixel Plaza to be added. Submits can be new grids (districts), trees, model houses for newbies to learn from, whole street-sets, flying things for advertising-banners, fountains and other items for the grids
Plants and Trees will earn 100 PPCs
Flying objects will earn 500 PPCs
Model houses also 500 PPCs
Street-sets will give 1500 PPCs
a new grid 1000 PPCs
Skins for Pixel Plaza can get you 7500 PPCs when well made and accepted by admins

8. You can also win money at drawing contests (take a look at the forum and find the contest-threads like for cars or New Downtown). There will even be some contests that will give out prices just for participating if you are online at the right time (at about 3 weeks). A contest-modul for Pixel Plaza is in the making to make it a lot easier to organize or participate at contests. Events like easter-searches may also be up sometimes

9. get new players to try out Pixel Plaza by giving them your referrer-link: Forum-Post:8480 (250 PPCs for each new player)

Chiyagepostet: 08.08.2006 13:43 link

What to do with the overview map? (was mache ich mit der Übersichtskarte?)

The overview map gives you an overview about PixelPlaza. The city is divided into 3 worlds: PP city, PP fantasy and PP supreme.

These are subdivided into different districts or neighbourhoods with sundry themes.

Placing your mouse cursor over one district/neighbourhood will show you its name, number of houses already built there, sometimes the required user-reputation (user-rating) and sometimes additional possible building-height.

You can view a neighbourhood with all its houses by clicking on it. On the right there is an orange arrow which leads you to the Pixel Plaza fantasy world and another arrow even further to Pixel Plaza Supreme.

PP Supreme is a special world for "earnest" users who know how to behave like grownups, can rate/comment very carefully, can follow the rules for drawing (isometry, scaling, shadows on the right sides, cast shadows, details), try to improve and re-upload their drawings and are really interested in building a great-looking city together

If a player seems to be like that and are interested in producing fine pixel-art he/she will be chosen fo Supreme by an admin or mod. Supreme is growing rather slowly because users take their time to build their best houses with lots of details there.

Attention: "Supreme" is currently de-activated and overdone.

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