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english FAQs link
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Chiyagepostet: 08.08.2006 13:44 link

What does "view neighbourhood" mean? (was heißt "Stadtteil ansehen"?)

Every district/neighbourhood of PixelPlaza can be viewed by clicking on it in the overview map.

In the city view for neighbourhoods you can click on every building and such get access to their house-windows with all the information which is offered by the owner, presented in the well-known pop-up window.

Chiyagepostet: 08.08.2006 13:44 link

Why doesn't my house grow by itself? (wieso baut sich mein Haus nicht von selbst?)

Because Pixel Plaza is a city-building game for creative people who want to add individual self-made artwork (and information through the contents) to this city. Pixel Plaza is neither a simulation nor a strategic game. Players cannot raid terrains from other players and cannot steal property from others. It's just all about creativity.

Chiyagepostet: 08.08.2006 13:44 link

What happens if I upload a house from another webpage onto my piece of land (terrain)? (was passiert, wenn ich ein Haus von einer anderen Internetseite hier hochlade?)

That's strictly forbidden, 'cause it isn't fair to pretend that professional buildings are your own (uploading them under your name) and you'll be hated by everyone if those not-selfmade fakes overtake honest artists' houses in rankings who draw with their own pains and care.

And think about the copyright of someone elses work! If a copyright-scam gets known, the makers of Pixel Plaza could get in troubles as well as the fraud.

This is the reason, why "ripped" (stolen) buildings will be exchanged with trashbins as soon as they are discovered and will recieve warning comments! Repeated ripping can cause the terrain or even the account of the artwork-thief to be deleted.

Exception might be if you can credibly prove that the house is really drawn by yourself even if it has already been uploaded (by you) somewhere else on the net... You may also use artwork of artists that have allowed you to do so AND pimp them yourself - it's important that you yourself add at least some details to someone else's work to be allowed to upload it to Pixel Plaza under your (nick-)name.

Please remember that you will have to ask other pixel-artists if you may use and pimp (change) their artwork before you just do so! And you will also have to mention the artist's name and/or homepage in the content of your house in Pixel Plaza, so nobody will suspect you of ripping an noone can be offended.

Chiyagepostet: 08.08.2006 13:44 link

The rules: (Die Regeln)

These rules are to be observed for drawings:

* Pixel Art: Buildings and other artworks you upload into the city have to be self-made! It's not allowed to upload photos, paintings, or other artists' work, those will be displaced by trashbins. If you "render" your artwork, you have to mention this in the content to this work and will not get the highest rating for it. Rendering is not pixel art, and this is a pixel city, so there should not be too many rendered artworks in it.

* Perspective: isometric view from aslope above, with all horizontal lines parallel to the - slanting - lines of the floor plate. With at least two visible sites and the top, not flat or frontal!

* Transparent background: an absolute rule! You'll find more precise help in the help-files farther below. If you do have any problems, please take a look at the forum or ask other users.

* The scaling / measurements: please avoid a too large gauge! A pixel-plaza-truck is about the high of a structural level. (One floor = 15-18 pixels, a door = 12-14 pixels height.)
A too small gauge is not that awful, but it will also look strange and perhaps be transported by mods into another district.

Also please leave to the background of the downloaded floor plate empty and do not let your painting cross too much over the lower lines as this may collide with the streets and buildings of other players.

* The light: the sun virtually shines from the left top corner Please consider this when drawing shadows and cast shadows. All right sides should be painted a bit darker than the left because of the shadows, and a cast shadow should fall to the right side onto the ground.

* The logic: please only draw things that somehow fit into a town or to the district you chose. Please don't place green gardens into the desert, on snowy landscapes or onto the moon; and please do not build factories on the "Spielwiese" (playground)...

* Ratings: be fair and honest with your comments and valuations of the idea, drawing and content of the houses you rate! Please try not to "blackmail" other players for good ratings to your houses with giving them unwarranted best ratings which their houses do not deserve.

Don't abuse comments - for house-advertising, spam, begging or PM-link notes. Don't be a pain in people's necks with rating-begging-spam in the shoutbox. Don't rate unfinished works or placeholders impatiently; and please also always read the content where it may say that this house isn't finished yet!

* Improvements: try to draw technically correct and high-detailed pictures. Not just eye-catching childish stuff but high-detailed, imaginative and beautiful works will get the best ratings here. Don't be too lazy or shy to improve your work (and your pixel-skills) considering the comments you have gotten from other pixlers.

* Accounts: multiaccounts and accountsharing are forbidden! Please don't share your account with others and don't use more than one active account to deceive others about your identity.

It's also quite futile for rankings or PPCs because you can't transfer PPCs to other accounts anyway, the ratings won't go up much when given by a new account, just copying artworks/houses is forbidden, and only one rating is counted for one house.

* Law: keep with the terms and conditions about insults, rassism and so on - and mind the protection of minors: please refrain from uploading pictures of violence, porn, drug themes, right wing radicalism, invitations to do illegal things, despites, sexism, rasism or the like! Breaking these fundamental online-rules will lead to account-ban, most probably permanently.

* The admins reserve to themselves to delete buildings that offend or are going too much against the rules (e.g. no transparent background) without announcements.

Accounts of users who act iniquitous, upload illegal pictures repeatedly or who anger other players with vituperations/insults, can be blocked or deleted.

Chiyagepostet: 08.08.2006 13:45 link

Why can I only draw in grey/black/white? (warum kann ich nur grau malen, wenn ich die Vorlagen/Bodenplatten verwende)

The floor plate is a gif-picture with limited colour palette. Switch the colour depth to 8-bit and use rgb-colour-space. MS Paint: save picture immediately as 24-bit-bitmap (bmp), convert finished picture back to gif with IrfanView or other programs (while also making the background-color transparent!

Chiyagepostet: 08.08.2006 13:45 link

What are the "extras" I can buy for my houses actually good for? (was bringen die Extras, die es zu kaufen gibt?)

You can buy different extras by clicking the bottommost orange icon to the right of your picture in the house-window. In time more and more extras will become available to buy. The extras are divided into four kinds: placeholders (Platzhalter), floors, business add-ons and "other" extras.

You can buy only one placeholder (Platzhalter) if you need a while longer to paint/draw your house; haven't uploaded a house yet and start to worry about the construction-site decay - which will happen after 9 days. Placeholders will stay on the terrain for 21 days, providing you with extra-time to draw an even more beautiful and detailled house.

You can add one extra-floor-plate and one business add-on to each house of yours (you can exchange them later by more expensive ones if you like). Floor-plates raise your PPC-income a little that you will get by ratings for your house by other users.

Business add-ons are good for daily income, but they are profitable only after one month.

Other extras: with the lottery-ticket you take part in the daily lottery-drawing; you can win 100 to 500 PPCs for each house.

The VCS-2010 and TestIt can prevent burglary which might happen sometimes if you own other extras that might be worth to steal.

There can also be hail or fire (quite seldom though), so you might want to buy extras to prevent some damage: and

Feng-Shui-extras and others will have the same effect as floors, providing you with extra-PPCs with every incoming rating.

Chiyagepostet: 08.08.2006 13:45 link

When do construction-sites decay? And what about placeholders? (wann verfallen unbebaute Baustellen? Und wie ist es mit Platzhaltern?)

Construction-sites with no houses on them will decay after 9 days 'cause experience shows that in most cases there won't be any house built by newbies after one week has passed. Experienced artists may often take longer to top their own best artworks thou

Official placeholders like will stay on your terrain for 21 days, providing you with lots of extra-time to draw some really nice pixel-art

Long-term construction-sites staying unfinished for months would only prevent active users from building their houses on those otherwise free spaces - which has happend in the past and lead to discussions.

So self-drawn placeholders or uploaded empty grey floor-plates, or even strange stuff like smileys and things that don't fit into a city will be deleted by moderators and be replaced by official placeholders of Pixel Plaza.

Early drawing-steps of buildings won't be deleted tough if they aren't looking too awkward like having incorrect transparency.

Chiyagepostet: 08.08.2006 13:45 link

Where do I get my house from? (Woher bekomme ich mein Haus)

Playing Pixel-Plaza means to contribute self-drawn houses to the town. If you've never tried this before you can learn it quite easily with our tutorials. Please mind that this game is for players above 14 years old and will need some patience. If you really think you can never able to do this, please at least download an official PP-model-house, open it with a painting program and just try to change it a bit in colours and with new details: Forum-Post:3083

To pixel you will only need a pixel-tutorial and a painting-program, e.g. MS Paint, which comes with Windows - or you can download one of these (partly for free):
* Paint.NET :
* Environment for GIMP (needed):
* Photo Filtre:
* Pixel Studio:
* Adobe-Photoshop (Trial):
* Microangelo (Trial)
* Pixen, if you're using a Mac:

Also you may want to download IrfanView to convert the pictures (program is for free):

Chiyagepostet: 08.08.2006 13:45 link

How do I build my house? (wie baue ich mein Haus), How do I pixle correctly? (wie pixle ich richtig)
For english tutorials please look here: Forum-Topic:34

These tutorials are not Pixel Plaza related, so often basic PP rules are missing. Please note that in Pixel Plaza:
* shadows should always be on the right side
* there should be cast shadows from every object to the right side
* one store should be 15-18 pixels in height, one door 12-14 pixels
* houses/pixelart for Pixel Plaza should fit onto the floor plates for the terrain
* don't forget to convert your pixelart to GIF with at least 30% transparent background before uploading it to Pixel Plaza

In the help-files you will find Pixel Plaza related starting-tutorials, generally for MS-Paint - such tutorials will work with nearly every other drawing-program too, since Paint has only very few, but extremely typical tools that are used in nearly every other painting-program too.

It's all in germain right now though :/ Sorry

Shadows (Schatten)
There's a long german description about drawing shadows in the help-files in german...

There's a nice tutorial how to convert your BMP-artwork to GIF, making the background transparent (invisible), so you can upload it to Pixel Plaza in german...

Animations (Animationen)
There's a short german animation-tutorial about how to make animations with Gif-Animator...

Chiyagepostet: 08.08.2006 14:55 link

Model-houses (Vorlagen)

Here you can find stock houses you can use for changing to your own style.

You can easily colour them differently, "rebuild" them or amplify them like you want. So the stock houses can help you with making your first steps here at Pixel-Plaza.

Please NEVER just upload a stock-house without or with just very little changes! Those will be deleted as it's NOT allowed in Pixel Plaza to use art-works not made by yourself. The whole cause of this game / pixel city is to create a growing city made of different personal pixel art.

If you should want to contribute a new stock House (a model house) then you're very welcome! Just contact an admin or a moderator for this and show them your stock house, please. Linking it to the forum (submits-topic) would be best though

In the forums you can also find models for streets (complete sets), grids (whole districts without houses) and trees which you are allowed to use for your own houses or your own landscapes (grids).

There ARE some new stock-houses that should also replace the old ones in the (not really very up-to-date) official help files in the future:

You can color and change these houses to learn how to pixel for Pixel Plaza Their measurements are according to the rules (fitting to the cars, streets and so on) and you can also see that all the shadows are at the right sides, the cast shadows as well.

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