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english FAQs link
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Chiyagepostet: 07.08.2009 16:53 link

how do I change my password? - wie ändere ich mein Paßwort?

* click on one of your houses / pixelart and in the house-window click on your user-information:
* or click on "profile" (top menu: ) and after that on "Profile and Stats"
* or click on your own nickname below the shoutox in the "online users" list

Scroll down to the button "edit my profile". Click on it and scroll down again, you can find the squares to fill in your old and new password. After that click on the button "change password" at the bottom and it's done!

All passwords in Pixel Plaza are encrypted so noone except yourself can find out your password.

Chiyagepostet: 07.08.2009 17:03 link

how can I find out about a theme in the forum? - wie finde ich ein Thema im Forum?

In the top menu bar you can see the option "search" . Click on it, then fill in a headword and activate the option "forum". With this search you can also find user-names or information to headwords in house-contents.

What is it good for? So you can get information about themes concerning Pixel Plaza.

Chiyagepostet: 07.08.2009 17:08 link

don't allow ratings / re-activate ratings - Bewertungen erlauben/nicht erlauben

Right after you bought a terrain or uploaded your newest house click on the icon with the shovel in the middle of your house-window: . Scroll down to find the option "allow rating?".

By clicking the button "disable rating" you can hinder other users from rating your houses / pixel-artwork. Also you can name or rename your house/pixelart, completely tear it down or change it back to a construction site (as well as delete all given ratings/comments with it - or not, just as you like).

What is it good for: you can deactivate ratings for a house / pixelart, if you're not done with the content, maybe you are still working on some extra-pics or making-of for your content, or on an animation - or you already have plans how to perfectionize your artwork a little later on. So you might wish to keep users from commenting and rating until you have finished your work.

Attention: you cannot de-activate ratings of others after your house has already gotten at least one rating and your house already has gotten a rank by that!

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